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It seems that more and more keyword tools are springing up these days and the latest to add to the list is Jaaxy by the crew from Wealthy Affiliate. We are big fans of Wealthy Affiliate and have been members for a number of years now so when we saw the email from Kyle and Carson (the owners of Wealthy Affiliate) promoting their new keyword tool we decided to check it out to see how it compared to some of the other keyword tools that are available.

If you are already a member of Wealthy Affiliate bear in mind that you aren’t going to get this for free as part of your membership. It is an extra monthly cost but it is quite cheap compared to some of the other tools available. But is it worth it? Read our review to find out.

What is Jaaxy?

Jaaxy is an advanced keyword tool that allows you to perform keyword research and niche search analysis. You can also check out your competition and look for affiliate programs related to your keyword search.

When we logged in for the first time this was the screen that was presented to us. As you can see there are a lot of options available and some that you don’t often see in other keywords tools that are available on the net. I was quite intrigued by the ‘Affiliate Programs’ option which is supposed to reveal affiliate programs that are available related to your keyword search. And the ‘Brainstorm’ option also looked interesting. So we were eager to really dig in to Jaaxy to see what it could do.

Searching for Keywords

Obviously the first thing we wanted to try when we logged into Jaaxy was the keyword search tool. For a keyword tool to be useful the keyword search functionality really has to hit the mark.

I started by typing in ‘golf club reviews’ and selected an Exact match type. I could have also selected either Broad or Phrase match. I do like the fact that Exact match is the default, unlike Google that defaults to Broad and I have to go back each time to narrow the search.

Once the Search button was clicked it took about 40 seconds to compile the data. There are some nice little messages that appear while you are waiting for the search to finish.

This was the result.

What I had on the screen now was all the exact match keywords for ‘golf club reviews’ or so I thought. When I took a closer look I noticed keywords that weren’t an exact match. For instance, the keyword ‘callaway pre owned golf clubs’ came up in the results and this isn’t an exact match. An exact match should include the words ‘golf club reviews’ exactly as I typed it in.

As you can see from the image below there were a number of keywords in the list that weren’t an exact match. In fact, just about all of them except for the first two.

I thought that perhaps there weren’t that many keywords available and perhaps Jaaxy was just being helpful by providing other unrelated keywords. However, I went and performed a search using the free Google Keyword Tool to compare and found that there are plenty of keywords that use the exact term ‘golf club reviews’ as you can see from the image below.

Interestingly enough, when I performed the same search in Jaaxy an hour or so later I received different results as you can see from the image below. And in this case, the keywords were even more unrelated to my exact match search.

Okay, so maybe this is just a glitch with this particular keyword phrase so let’s try another one. What about ‘canon powershot’? When I type it in these are the results.

This is looking a little more promising. For starters, all of the keywords in the list have the exact keyword phrase I typed in. However about half an hour later when I again entered the same keyword phrase using an exact match search I received different results as you can see from the image below.

Now these lists aren’t in any particular order that I can see so perhaps all the keywords are there but each time a search is generated it displays them in a different order. I don’t see any problem with that but unfortunately I wasn’t able to order any of the columns in the table to tell.  I think that being able to sort the columns really needs to be added to Jaaxy as I think most people would like the ability to order the keywords by Monthly Searches or Estimated Traffic.

I also found that it only ever provides a maximum of 30 keywords per search. Those are the sorts of results you might find in a free tool before upgrading not in a premium keyword tool so not sure why there is this limitation. For us, that really isn’t adequate enough for thorough keyword research. When I tried the same search using the SEMrush keyword tool which we reviewed recently it presented me with 1972 keywords. That’s a big difference to 30 keywords. Even the free Google Keyword Tool gives me 100 results.

The other issue I had with the keyword search was that it just wouldn’t find certain keywords. For instance, I typed in ‘canon powershot s95′ and all I got was an API error. I tried this keyword over a few days and received the same error each time. This is not a small keyword either – it does get over 18,000 exact local monthly searches according to the Google Keyword Tool. This wasn’t an isolated problem as this happened for a few different keywords that I entered.

How Well is the Information Presented?

I must admit I really like how clearly everything is displayed on the keyword search results screen. It’s probably one of the better keyword tools for clarity of data and the ease for quickly scanning the information on the screen.

The keyword search results display some excellent information all in the one spot including:

All we needed to do was click on ‘Find Domain’ to have the following returned:

On the left hand side of the screen is a list of Related Keywords which is handy and you can click on any of these to generate even more keywords.

Checking out the Competition with Jaaxy

My next test was to check out how well Jaaxy works with competition analysis so I clicked on the Competition tab and this was the result.

This was definitely not what I was expecting to see. When I think of Competition Research I expect to see a list of sites in Google that I want to beat into the top spots for my chosen keywords. This would allow me to analyze those sites to see why they are in the top spot and what I have to do to beat them.

Instead what I had on the screen was a list of article and video directories. I wasn’t even sure what it all meant so I had to take a look at one of the help videos. Basically this screen lets you know whether there are there any articles or videos using that keyword. If you take a look at the image above you will see that according to Jaaxy there are no articles or videos using that keyword. That doesn’t seem right to me. I can’t believe that there are no Youtube videos about the Canon Powershot camera and in fact when I go into Youtube and do a search for ‘Canon Powershot’ there are over 42,000 results.

But perhaps Jaaxy only looks at the first 10 or 20 results in Google for an article or video and disregards the rest.

Now this is probably a great feature if you are into article or video marketing but for us this sort of Competition analysis really isn’t terribly useful. We personally won’t be using this part of Jaaxy.

Website SERPS

The next tab I clicked on was the Website SERPS tab. Now this looked a little more interesting. This is the sort of information I was expecting to see under the Competition tab. It provided the websites in the top 10 spots in Google for the keyword I entered.

When I clicked on the VIEW DETAILS link against any of the sites in the list I was provided with a nice run down of each site.

As you can see from the image below it provides the:

I was also able to search the top 10 in Bing and Yahoo although when I selected Yahoo no results were returned.  I tried it again the next day and still no results returned when I selected Yahoo.

Finding Affiliate Programs

I was really keen to try out the Affiliate Programs tab which lists affiliate programs related to the keyword I typed in. When I clicked on this tab it took about two minutes for the results to compile and display on the screen. This is how it looked.

It’s probably a bit difficult to tell from that screenshot but what it displays is a list of affiliate programs that you can sign up with to promote that product. It also displays the commission they pay and the network they are with.

I really like this part of Jaaxy. It searches in the following affiliate networks:


This is another really neat feature of Jaaxy. It basically provides a number of key indicators that you can look at to see what is buzzing on the net. It is there to give you ideas on what niches to pick or which products to focus on. It includes the following:

Once here I could select any of the subjects I was interested in and add them to a Brainstorm Queue. Once in the queue I could click on any of the items in my list to view the keywords relating to them.

Analyzing a URL

Jaaxy allows you to enter a url to see all of the keywords that the site ranks for. For this test I used our Affiliate Blog Online website and these were the results:

It displays the keywords, the monthly searches and estimated traffic for each keyword and how competitive that keyword is. What I also would liked to have seen here is our actual ranking in Google for each keyword.

Working with Keyword Lists

Most of us work with keyword lists and Jaaxy allows us to create different keyword lists to work with. It was simple enough to create a list. I simply selected which keywords I wanted to add and click the ‘Save Selected’ button at the top of the screen. I was also able to give my list a name.

Once I saved the list I could access it from the Keyword Lists section within Jaaxy. It’s practically impossible to see it from the image below but the column headings on that page are:

From this page I could view my list, rename it or delete it. And I could import it as a CSV or TXT file.

I really like this part of Jaaxy for keeping track of keyword lists.

The To Do List

The To Do List is where you can add keywords that you may be interested in writing articles for for article directories.

The To Do List is something that could do with some work as I really think this section has potential. As it is, it focused heavily on the fact that you are into article marketing and want to submit articles to StreetArticles.com which is the article site owned by the developers of Jaaxy.  I am all for them promoting their site but it would also be nice for them to add options for those of us who aren’t into article marketing or for those who are but want to submit to other article sites like EzineArticles for instance.

As it is, for us we won’t bother using the To-Do List but if you are an article marketer and submit to StreetArticles.com you will probably love it.

What We Would Like to See

Our Final Word

I have to say that I really wanted to like Jaaxy but I am a little disappointed. I love Wealthy Affiliate and I think Kyle and Carson have done a brilliant job with their membership site…we highly recommend it. But at this point in time, I can’t say the same for Jaaxy.

If you an article marketer you will probably get some great value out of Jaaxy and at $19 a month it’s cheaper than any of the other keyword tools on the market today. However, for the rest of us I’m not sure whether it is worth it especially considering that the keyword search  isn’t really as informative as it could be.

Sure some of the additional features are pretty cool and you won’t find them in other keyword tools but without an adequate keyword tool, then in our opinion, it really doesn’t make the grade.

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