Master Facebook Marketing In 10 Simple Steps

Facebook has become, along with Twitter, one of the most popular online social networks. It is growing rapidly every day and has been doing so since it began a few years ago.

Social networking sites are also a great way to build a successful online home business. They are an essential part of internet marketing and will stay that way for a long time.

So many entrepreneurs join Facebook every day to build their businesses and themselves. If you’re not one of them, you should get on the bandwagon as soon as possible if you want to be a part of this social media marketing success phenomenon.

Here Are The Top Ten Things You Need To Do To Become A Facebook Marketing Master:-

1. Ensure You Have Your Profile Set Up

You don’t want people to come to your profile without knowing anything about you, like who you are or what you like. For example, this is Coca Cola Facebook page: It is very clear and informative. Also, make sure you list your website. This is a very, very important part of your Facebook success.

2. Making New Friends Every Day

Start with your friends, family, and other people you know. This will help you get off to a great start with people visiting your profile. From then on, you’ll want to make new connections and friends daily. This is a simple, straightforward job that doesn’t take very long at all.

Set aside 30 minutes a day to add people to your Facebook account. To make new friends, you must look for groups with people who like the same things you do, like personal development, internet marketing, home business, etc., or use the search button to type in a keyword that describes something that interests you. Just join these groups or people and start making new friends.

Please make sure you send them a message when you add them. Comment on their profile, something they like, the fact that you have something in common with them, their children, family pictures, etc. Give them something that shows you want to get to know them and build a relationship with them.

Don’t send more than 50 to 100 friend requests per day. Facebook doesn’t like it when you do this, and you’ll start getting warnings from them if you do it again. Even run the risk of being banned from the site. So, to avoid situations like this, you should only add between 50 and 100 Facebook friends per day at most.

3. Sharing A Lot In The News Feed

As Facebook members, we can all choose to do this. The news feed on your Facebook home page will be in the middle of the page. Here, everyone talks about what they are doing, thinking, etc. It would help if you shared something every day in this news feed. I suggest between 2 and 5 feedings a day (or more if you want, do not overdo it).

4. Make A Name For Yourself In The News Feed And All Over Facebook

This idea is easy to understand. Don’t talk about your business everywhere, especially in your news feed and when you tell your friends what you’re up to. You don’t want to make them stop being your friends.

You can easily do this by sharing content, information, articles, and resources with your Facebook friends that will help them. That will get their attention, make them want to be your friend, and make them want to check your profile and feeds often.

5. Commenting On The Status Updates And News Feeds Of Your Friends

Get out there and meet people. Let people know who you are. It’s a simple job that you can do in about 30 minutes daily and get a massive response. By reading the news feed daily and commenting on what other people share, you can get your profile out there and get to know that person better.

But when you do this, make sure you say valuable and interesting things. Don’t just keep saying the same thing over and over. Read what they say carefully and join the conversation. I would only do this with feeds that are interesting to you and friends who are interested in the same things you are.

6. Tagging Friends

When you put someone’s name in something you post, share, or add on Facebook. It lets you share what you’re posting on the information page of the person you tagged. This will bring you more visitors and friends.

Now that that’s out of the way make sure you tag without spamming or plastering anything about your opportunity. Your friends might even tell you it will give you a bad name. Do everything for fun or for things that can help other people.

7. Joining Networks And Groups

This is a great way to find groups of people interested in the same things you are. Just type a keyword before the word “group,” and you’ll get a list of them. You can also look under “groups” to find ones that share your interests. I’m a fitness buff, so I joined the Fitness Freaks, or I’m an entrepreneur, so I joined the Niche Entrepreneur Group.

As for me, I like to add people interested in Internet marketing, home businesses, entrepreneurship, and personal development, as these are the things I’m most passionate about. So you should find the parts of Facebook that interest you and join them.

8. Getting To Know People In Groups Or Networks

Get your name out there in these places. You don’t want to join a group or network and then vanish. You should go there every day for maybe 15 to 20 minutes to share a post, comments, network, etc.

Again, share content, information, advice, etc., that will interest others and get their attention. Make it clear that you are the kind of person they want to be friends with, follow, and often network with.

9. Putting A Tab On Your Profile For Your Blog, Video, etc

You can easily add these to your profile. Find the tabs at the top that say “wall,” “info,” “photos,” etc., and then you will see a sign. When you click there, you’ll see options like “blog,” “video,” and so on.

You can also find these different options by going to the top right corner of the screen and clicking on Account, then clicking on application settings. Once added to a tab on your profile, this will give your blog, videos, etc., more exposure just by building yourself up on Facebook. It’s just an added benefit to the exposure you already get from marketing yourself on Facebook.

10. Setting Up A Fan Page

Fan pages are a great way to get people to know about you. I made a fan page for myself because I’m an online marketer, entrepreneur, and personal growth coach, but you can do it for anything you want. You can link your Fan Page to your main Facebook profile, but you can also share it in many other places.

If you market on Twitter, MySpace, Digg, or any other social networking site, you can put a link or a fan box on these sites to get more fans and traffic to your Facebook profiles. Make sure that your Fan Page is either about you or the things you share. Also, ensure that you share knowledge, information, and resources that your friends and fans will find interesting.

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